Trish McEvoy Cheetah-Print Makeup Planner

Trish McEvoy Cheetah-Print Makeup Planner


Created by popular demand, this eternally chic design is an homage to Trish McEvoy's iconic "Cappuccino" Planner. Widely available for the first time ever, Trish's timeless cheetah print exterior and poppy-colored vegan leather lining unite for a collectible Planner that is luxurious and playful all at once.

Inside the collection features your core wardrobe of makeup essentials for bright and defined eyes plus vibrant new accessories for eyes, cheeks, and lips that awaken the promise of spring. 

Cheetah-printed Makeup Planner®, Two Refillable Magnetic Makeup Wardrobing® Pages

The Core of Your Beauty

  • Eye Base Essentials

  • Intense Gel Eye Liner Black

  • High Volume Tubular Mascara

  • Instant Eye Lift®

  • Translucent Finishing Powder

The Look of the Season

  • Eyes: Eye Shadow Snow, NEW Eye Shadow Raspberry, NEW Starry Eye Shadow White Gold, Eye Definer Nutmeg

  • Face: Matte Bronzer Medium, NEW Light & Lift Blush

  • Lips: NEW Solid Gloss Goji, NEW Beauty Booster® Lip and Cheek Color Pink

Plus: Line Refiner, Eye Brightener Pencil Shell

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